The Savile Monument

This collection of books, tapes and discs written, directed, illustrated, edited or translated and presented by members goes back to the foundation of the Club in 1868. It is mainly held in alphabetical order of members’ names. It includes many books by such members as Maurice Druon, Winston Graham, Thomas Hardy, Compton Mackenzie, R L Stevenson, H G Wells and W B Yeats.

It is a long-standing tradition of the Club that any member who writes, edits or translates a book should present a copy to the Monument with a short dedication. The Club looks to new members to maintain this tradition. The collection has been supplemented by donation and purchase.

Members are invited to borrow books, other than reference books and enter them in the Library Register. Visiting non-members are welcome to borrow books similarly for use in the Club House but are requested not to remove them from the premises

The Snug
The other half of the collection, those books written by non members is housed in the Snug, which can be found in the Undercroft.

The Reference Collection

These books are held in the Morning Room and are available at any time, but may not be removed from the house.