Savilian John Mason is delighted to present a second evening of magical entertainment and proud to be able to introduce two top performers from The Magic Circle. Namely, Joseff Badman who is a gentleman entertainer whose performance reminds us of more refined times. He is an award-winning magician and has appeared on television. Joseff combines sleight of hand, wit and the tools of the harmless con man to deceive, baffle and amuse.

Richard McDougall is a member The Inner Magic Circle, one of only 300 hundred in the world! He has performed around the world, including several private events for HM the Queen, Professor Stephen Hawking and many other celebrities. As well as performing magic, Richard is also a founding member of Breathe Magic, part of the not for profit Breathe AHR. He works with magicians and healthcare professionals to use magic to help young people with physical and mental health issues, which is recognised by the NHS, and has won the NHS England Award for Innovation in Rehabilitation.