Saeed Naqvi, a Savilian for 25 years, a well-known international journalist from India, has written a memoir and analysis of what it means to be Muslim in India today, at a time of rising Hindu chauvinism under the Modi government.

Saeed’s family comes from Oudh, the city where the 1857 ‘National Uprising’ as Disraeli described it, erupted.  Ancestors were hanged for their part in it. He has studied race relations in the UK since Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in 1968 and believes Britain is still the most tolerant society in the world. In the course of a long career he has interviewed world statesmen as diverse as Mandela, Castro, Gorbachev, Kissinger, Rafsanjani, Netanyahu and many others and has visited over a hundred countries in pursuit of stories.  One of his mentors was the one time Editor of the New Statesman and a Savilian Kingsley Martin. Saeed has produced 35 films on India and a TV series on the history of Hindustani Classical music.

His most recent book BEING THE OTHER: THE MUSLIM IN iNDIA was published in India last year and Saeed has presented it at universities here and in the USA.’

He will be in discussion about it with Savilian Martin Pick, who spent five years in India and Pakistan between 1967 -72 and has made several films about India and Britain, and visits India regularly.