Election procedure

Your step-by-step checklist to Proposing a Candidate

1.             Make sure your candidate is sincere about wanting to join, is a good fit into the Savile “Sodalitas”, and knows what membership will cost. Be mindful about proposing someone: spur-of-the- moment, late-night additions to the Candidates Book are not advisable and could lead to regrets all around.

2.            In the Candidates’ Book, write his name, permanent address and profession or occupation in the first available space, and then sign it as proposer. Remember: be specific (“company director”, “entrepreneur” or similar will not do).  Be legible please and if necessary print your entry in block capitals.

3.            Write a letter to the elections sub-committee, telling us why he should be elected, as well as how long you have known him, what he does, and what his interests are. Why do you think he will make a good addition to the club?  Your candidate will not be considered by the committee without a letter from you, the  proposer.

4.            Introduce him to Savilians at lunch, dinner or in and around the bar. The onus is on you as the proposer to see that your candidate meets as many members as possible to help move the process forward.

5.            Four or five times a year there are candidates’ dinners at which committee members are usually present. You can bring your candidate to one of them to widen his circle of acquaintance, though they are no substitute for meeting members in the daily life of the club. Please contact Patrizia in the Secretary’s office to register your interest. If you or your candidate live abroad or out of town, contact the elections sub-committee who will try to help. Alternatively, you might get another member who knows the candidate to attend with him in your stead.

6.            Encourage members to sign the book legibly as referees. Does that mean they support him? Not necessarily:  a member signs to show he wants to be consulted, and the sub-committee will write to him. Don’t be in too much of a hurry. A candidate’s name will usually stay in the book for at least two or three months before he is considered for election, to give members a chance to meet him.  As proposer, you should not solicit signatures or letters too insistently, and your candidate should certainly not campaign for himself. The Candidates’ Book stays in the Morning Room, which is for members only, and the candidate should not be present while referees are signing it.

7.            So encourage them to write as soon as possible. But remember not to be too insistent.  The sub-committee will not put a candidate forward unless he has collected enough letters of support – a good half-dozen or so is ideal. Members are free to oppose an election (although only Committee members can vote against a candidate)  but they should not do it lightly.

8.            Candidates may be lapsed if their proposers do not secure support after a reasonable amount of time.  At the actual election meeting the members of the general committee present must vote unanimously in favour of a candidate for him to be elected. An abstention counts as a vote against.

9.            After being elected, your candidate has a month to accept the Invitation to join the Savile and to pay his entrance fee (if appropriate) and subscription (pro rata).  He then becomes a fully-fledged member and free to propose candidates of his own. Do not forget your candidate once elected; easing a new member into our Sodalitas is as important a part of joining as proposing him.