Club Customs

Dress code (for Members and Guests)

The Club has no formal dress code, other than a rather undefined rule of not offending other members, so although for example jeans and trainers are not permitted and a jacket is required (except in very hot weather when a notice will be posted on the board), a tie is not de rigueur.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are not allowed to be used in any of the public rooms or on the terraces. There is an area designated where they may be used which is off the passage between the cloakroom and the sandpit, above the stairs down to the IT space and WC’s The other less public places where mobile phones may be used are the offices, the bedrooms and rooms hired for business meetings.

Business in the club

It is a long-standing rule of the Club that briefcases, business papers, newspapers or books may not be taken into the Bar, Sandpit, Drawing Room or Dining Room at any time. If you wish to discuss business please book one of the private rooms.

The Morning Room

The Morning Room is a Members’ only sanctum, which contains daily newspapers, magazines, reference books, writing desks and easy chairs. The Candidates’ Book, Scrap Book and Suggestions Book are kept in here. This is the one room in the Club where conversation is not encouraged.