Wine at the Savile

The Wine List at the Club has been described as very catholic, with most of the premier league wine producing countries represented. They are priced considerably lower than restaurant mark ups, and an ingenious system means that the higher quality wines are even more attractively priced.

The list is supervised by the Wine Committee who can be picked out by their furrowed brows, wine stained teeth and waistcoats. Choosing a new “house” wine may well involve tasting up to eighty wines, some of which may be quite unpleasant. All Tastings are carried out from masked bottles, i.e. blind. This sometimes results in unusual choices, but at least we know that no fewer than six members have approved them, and think them pretty impressive.

Happily the cellar is awash with these wonderful wines, but we don’t mind you snaffling a few – within reason.

To download a pdf version of a sample wine list click here.