There are usually plenty of spaces available outside the Club at most times.

BROOK STREET : Pay and Display outside the Club 8.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Saturdays – 2 hours maximum stay. No charge after 6.30pm and all day Sunday this also applies to single yellow lines.

Meters: 3mins – 20p, 15mins – £1. Some meters can be paid for by either telephoning 0870 428 4009 or texting Location 8863 to 07950 080 201.

NCP Parking at the Millenium Hotel in Grosvenor Square.

Up to 4 hrs – £14, 6 hrs – £21, 9 hrs – £31, 24 hrs – £35. Night rate – £12.50

Disabled Parking

The nearest disabled bay is in Avery Road, just off Brook Street and opposite South Molten Street. As long as your “blue sticker” is displayed you can park there for up to 4 hours. Alternatively you can park on a regular meter, of which there are many outside the Club, by inserting the minimum amount, 10p, and this will allow you to park for 1 hour. Again your “blue sticker” must be displayed.