SCHOLARSHIP PRESENTATION – the three scholars selected by University of East Anglia, King’s College London and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama have been confirmed by the Club and will be introduced by their sponsors.  Each will provide a short description of the additional project work they have undertaken (or will be able to undertake) as a result of the award by the Club.

Following the presentation of the Scholarships, Dr Andrew Szydlo will give the SAVILE SCIENCE talk and demonstration entitled: SCIENCE MAGIC: The Art of the Science Demonstration.

This will involve some sound and light effects. The talk will commence with references to historical events – 1867: The death of Michael Faraday, one of the greatest scientists and science educators; 1868: (the founding of the Savile Club) a letter written by Numa Edward Hartog (a senior Wrangler of Trinity College, Cambridge) to his parents, which reflects current events in those times. This will be followed by a series of chemical experiments/demonstrations involving some bangs, crashes, flashes and smoke effects.

Dr Andrew Szydlo was awarded his PhD at UCL in the History and Philosophy of Science.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.  He has given several hundred science lecture/demonstrations during the past 40 years.  These have taken him far and wide: from the Royal Institution in London, to Mauritius, Namibia and Poland.  Andrew has taught chemistry at Highgate School in North London since 1975.

Chairman: Savilian Ken Allen