No Ordinary Man

Gilbert Greenall’s candid memoir, Combat Civilian is the tale of no ordinary man. Turning his back on the convention of a comfortable career in a family business, Greenall has quietly dedicated the last four decades of his life to helping others through forty humanitarian aid missions and the delivery of British emergency assistance in eighteen conflicts, from Cambodia to Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Inside Story

Combat Civilian also tracks the inside story of world events, from Kurdistan to Kosovo, Gaza and the West Bank while the slide toward chaos in Iraq and the unedifying spectacle of the final years of the British deployment in Afghanistan unravel on its’ pages.

Wars, famines, earthquakes

In this powerful story, Greenall deftly charts the changing face of humanitarian assistance, from the uncoordinated activities of a few small charities at the outset to the multi-billion dollar operations of today, taking the reader through wars, famines, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions; including the humorous observation of misadventure and the absurdity of decisions made at the time. Subversive, determined and tenacious to the point of becoming a doctor in the process, Greenall achieved results by breaking convention.

 “…read with profit…” Sir John Major

“… endearing, profound and skillfully written. It’s fantastic.” Lynda Chalker, former Minister for Overseas Development

“…an unsung hero who has given a lifetime of commitment to others …” General the Lord Richards, former Chief of the Defence Staff

“…in the mould of Fitzroy McLean, … an adventure story.” Matt Ridley, Author, Environmentalist and Politician

“…reveals admirable British sangfroid in disaster zones…” Times