James Fergusson recounts his year exploring Muslim Britain. The rise of Islam represents the greatest change to the makeup of British society in modern times.  Should we fear it or embrace it?

Despite living under the media microscope, Britain’s Muslims are remarkably misunderstood both by the non-Muslim majority and by a government preoccupied with national security.  Fergusson takes a series of misconceptions about British Islam and turns them on their heads. AL-BRITANNIA, MY COUNTRY makes the case for a reappraisal of ‘fundamental British values’ and argues passionately for a new approach towards practitioners of a religion that, as he says, is a part of all our futures now. This book could hardly be more timely at a time of impatience with ‘migrants’ and Islamophobia spreading throughout the West.

James Fergusson has been a fearless journalist for 30 years (Times, Economist, Independent) writing about and reporting from troubled Muslim countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.  His first book KANDAHAR COCKNEY (2004) focussed on the new lives of asylum seekers in London.  AL BRITANNIA expands that theme in today’s context. In the course of his research meeting hundreds of Muslims in every corner of the country, and in 2016 he experienced an entire Ramadan fast.

This is a native outsider’s journey through Muslim Britain.

He has previously talked at the Savile about A MILLION BULLETS (Afghanistan) and THE WORLDS MOST DANGEROUS PLACE (Somalia)

Chairman – Savilian Saamir Mahmud