Savilian and Former Chairman, Rear Admiral Nicholas Wilkinson, is being briefly but crucially portrayed in a surprisingly good upcoming movie called ‘Official Secrets’.

(Link to official trailer

It is the tale of the idealistic GCHQ analyst, Katherine Gun (played by Keira Knightley), who tried to stop the US/UK invasion of Iraq by leaking attempts by both governments to fix a UN Resolution legalising the operation. As D-Notice Secretary, Nick Wilkinson gave the nod to publishing the story, as being a political not a security matter. 

Martin Bright, the former Observer journalist who broke the story, is offering the Club a preview.

‘Official Secrets’ will be introduced by Nick Wilkinson who will also answer any questions afterwards about what really caused government to drop prosecution.


6.30pm              Stand up Welcome Drinks with Fish & Chips, Burgers and Hot Dogs (and vegy options)

7.15pm              Introduction

7.30pm              Screening

9.25pm              Q&As

                           Followed by Coffee and Mini Desserts

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