Savilian John Mason has been a member of The Magic Circle for many years and is a keen hobbyist.

He is delighted to be able to present an evening of magic and mind reading to delight and entertain Savilians and their guests. I believe that this is a first for the Savile Club. A unique event! He has arranged two top professionals, also members of TMC. Tom Whitestone is one of the most entertaining and original magicians to be found anywhere in the world of magic. In fact, he is a legend in the magical world and has entertained members of the royal family. Also on the ‘bill’ is Roberto Forzoni. Roberto is one of the top mind readers in the UK and he has entertained the rich and famous. If you don’t know what mind reading is, believe me you will be amazed! I am confident that it will be an evening you won’t forget. Let the fun begin.